Endless Hellscape: 2019 and the Backlog Quest

A little under a year ago now, I talked about how I needed to cut down my backlog and get more responsible with my spending.

Then somehow I gained over 200 games in under that year. Clearly my old plan was a bit half-assed. So I set a resolution for the year: starting with Steam’s winter sale, I was not going to allow myself to purchase anything until I cleared 2x what I bought in that sale from my backlog, and hold to this rule going forward.

The only problem with this plan: I bought 18 games. (Don’t give me that look. Most were in a bundle. I love me some Picross.) So now I’ve got to clear 36 titles, and the problem is, even with my love of casual titles, I’m still going to be sinking a lot of time into things just to cross those off the list. Luckily, I had a lot of half-installed things I could blitz through, and I’m allowing myself a new rule this year1: if I go 6 hours into something and can’t find any reason to push onwards, I’m just marking it as “complete” and moving onto another title. I don’t want to abuse this rule, but I have assloads of bundle fodder in genres I’m not usually a fan of, and while I intend to give anything an honest try, I know there will be cases where I should just bite the bullet rather than let something linger.

The other caveat: it doesn’t have to be on Steam. I’ve got games on more platforms than I want to admit, and that ~6k amount is by no means the entirety of my collection. It just means writing the posts about some of the others will be harder to take screenshots or video for at the moment. Boy, I wish the 3DS’ screenshot functionality was more consistently usable.

I’m already down two so far in the new year, so let’s get on with this!

  1. Which I did steal from the CRPG Addict, yes.

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