On Rules

I’ve been grappling for a bit now with how I wanted to handle DLC as regarded the “no buying games until games*2 completed” rule, and tonight I’m very glad Taito helped make the decision for me, because fuck you if you didn’t think I was gonna buy Invader GIRL! the instant it became available in Groove Coaster PC.

Also I guess this opens the floodgates to let me pick up the QUBE 2 DLC puzzles, which I’ve been interested in since I beat the game.

The Return (begins)

Learning CSS and designing a mobile-friendly version of the site was an incredibly uphill battle. As you can see, it’s still not done. But I’ve got too many things I want to write and so fuck it, writing first, coding later. With that said, on with the show…

Aww, Man…

I wish some of y’all had told me that the site looked like hot ass on mobile before I started pimping it out. That’s a terrible look. Updates backburnered while I teach myself CSS and finally just wrench this ugly bastard of a site into the shape I wanted, because this needs to be done ASAP.