Once upon a time, I was the host and editor of a D&D podcast. Thankfully, that show is long-deceased, because I legitimately cannot think back on my absolute lowest point of alcoholism and abuse without cringing for an hour or so.

Unfortunately for me, I have a real itch to just get into that space every so often, and so this page is a compilation of my own shows, now that I’m hosting some again, and the times I’ve guested on friends’ shows or paid upsetting amounts to show up on a more popular program.


Boku no Stop!

Basically my show to do with as I please. An anime rewatch podcast which has gone through a few series now, currently covering Monster. Part of the Pitch Drop network of shows.

Gotta Get Out Of This Town

I did not listen to pop-punk when I was growing up aside from the occasional track that came on the alternative station, or escorting my siblings to Warped Tour. As a result, I’m somehow in the straight man role on this time capsule of the genre from 1999-2013 in chronological order. This is one of the most fun shows I record weekly because I never know what we’re getting until the recording. How did I end up cursing Madonna’s name in the middle of one of the worst bands we ever covered? Listen and find out!

Lightning Strikes Thrice

I can’t stop podcasting about all these JRPGs! I’m a rotating host from season to season on this show that began about revisiting the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, and has since gone on to become a weird games club about random JRPGs (and maybe just video game RPGs in time…?). Check your local listings1 to see if I’m on an episode or not. On the Pitch Drop network of shows.

Journey Through the Decacast

A show about Kamen Rider, and the sister series to Going Digital. Possibly the most high-concept podcast I have ever appeared on, where the main episodes involve host Garrett introducing two series neophytes to it via anniversary show Kamen Rider Decade, and then, every time the character meets a prior Rider, putting that on hold to watch all of the show that character premiered in, for context.


Megaten Marathon

A show that is trying to force itself through every single Megami Tensei game in no particular order, and has shed 2 hosts and counting in the process so far. I bother them from time to time with notes or assistance on titles nobody else wants to play.

  • SMT: Deep Strange Journey: Regular host Allisa and I dive into the 3DS remake of the excellent DS title, and she approaches it like a sane human being (playing through it once) while I shotgun the game 7 times to see all the new content and fight the superbosses because Strange Journey is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time.


Going Digital

On hiatus. A show about Digimon, and the podcast I’ve been banned from the most times. Current status: unbanned for the sixth time.

Kingdom Hearts: re:Corded

No longer online. This is what happens when three nerds all decide they want to podcast regularly again and are foolish enough to try and break down a series that people say is way more complex than it really is. I was host and generally editor on this one.


58 Frames

Not quite a podcast, but my buddy Dave and I do the Let’s Play thing by bullshitting around with whatever games strike our fancy which we figure we can do more than twenty minutes of without killing one another. The channel is right here, and it’s the best thing two idiots record at 2AM after their late-night shifts end but neither can get to sleep.

  1. read: each season has hosts listed